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The vmWiki was founded on the 29th November, 2015 by Michelle Laverick. vmWiki is a not for profit and wholly independent of VMware, Inc and funded by a combination of personal and corporate donations. The intention of vmWiki is to be a platform for the VMware Community (vCommunity) for the creation and maintenance of product information concerning all VMware Technologies, independent of the company. It was felt by Michelle Laverick that the days of single individuals writing books on VMware Technologies was one that was not sustainable in the long term. The rise and rise of digital E-Readers meant that users demands for up to date content was outstripping the demands of conventional publishing. Additionally, coupled with VMware's move to a "tick-to-tock" release cycles of a new release every year - it has meant keeping conventional literature up to date was increasingly a challenge. So vmWiki was born as an attempt to create an online encyclopedia that is maintained by the vCommunity, and seeded with content from those who have been recognised with consistently high-quality content.